Fried Burritos – 6 Net Carbs

Fried Burrito & Salad

Necessary Equipment:

Medium Skillet (To Brown Meat and warm Tortillas)

Strainer (To … well, you know. lol)

Toothpicks (To keep it together)

Tongs, Spoon, Spatula, Knife (For all that tedious stuff)

Small/Medium Sauce Pan (To Fry Burrito)

Ingredients Needed:

Large Low-Carb Tortilla (Found these at HEB) (5 Net Carbs each)

Ground Meat of your choice



Mexican Seasoning

Frying Oil (Any will do)

Optional Ingredients/Toppings:

Garlic, Lettuce, Sour Cream, Ranch, Olives (Really anything in moderate portion)

OK to start this off, brown your chosen meat (I used 80/20 Ground Chuck) and your onions with seasoning to taste. When adequately browned, toss it into a strainer and set in the sink to get rid of all the excess juices as they will GREATLY hinder the frying process.

While that is draining you need to set up a small pot with about 1 – 1.5 inches of oil and set that on a medium heat to get ready to fry.  Also, keep the skillet that you browned the meat in on a nice low heat to pre-heat the tortillas. (They do not need to get very hot, just enough to make them more pliable.  You may also want to wipe out the grease residue so you don’t have to handle a greasy tortilla while wrapping) This is also a good time to get the prep work done for the toppings or get a salad together if you so choose.  By the time you are done prepping everything for assembly the meat should be strained and the time has come to build your burrito.

Toss a tortilla into your warm skillet for about 30 seconds or just until it is warm and pliable.  This will make it easier to wrap and stretch it to make sure you don’t have any leaks.  After it warms, plate it and the assembly begins.

Spoon a couple of good spoons of your meat and onion blend just a tad off center off the tortilla, leaving enough room on the ends for wrapping. Sprinkle with cheese (I used a Colby Blend and a Habanero Jack that I found at HEB) and toss in anything else you might want, just make sure it doesn’t get TOO full because it will make the folding difficult.

After you have piled everything on follow the below pictured method to get an airtight burrito.

Fold 1

Fold 2

Fold 3

Fold 4

After you have gotten it wrapped, use some toothpicks to pin it shut so it won’t come open during the frying process.

Side Pin

Mid Pin


MAKE SURE that after you assemble your burrito that you take a knife and make a few small holes on all sides paying attention to areas that look like they will puff or YOU WILL REGRET IT!  When the tortilla hits the hot oil it will swell if there is no steam holes and it is not fun trying to fix that.

Pokey Pokey

It should only take a few minutes on each side until your burrito is a crispy, golden brown.  The tortillas I used for this recipe worked WONDERFUL for frying (better in my opinion than a regular tortilla) and was airy and crispy.

Golden Brown

Experiment with different garnishes and sides and you will have a wonderful Mexican meal in no time at all!

Finished Product

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